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delta airpack Developed to deliver the same ruggedness and reliability that we put into all our respiratory products, Deltair has been tested to Mil Spec standards to ensure it meets and exceeds the tough demands required by the fire service.

Deltair is designed to meet and exceed the NFPA 1981, 1982, 2013 Edition Standard and is approved for use in a CBRN environment.
nvision The Avon-ISI nVision is a light weight, easy to operate thermal imaging solution with options to help navigate the user through volatile situations. This thermal imager is available in two versions, the 160x120 sensor array nVision XT, and the 320x240 nVision XTP. Both version offer zoom and video capture capabilities, as well as video link and carrying options.
Atlantair Developed by Avon-ISI, the range incorporates all the latest innovations originally presented in the Viking Series of NFPA-compliant systems. Avon-ISI was first to market with many Features now taken for granted by SCBA users. Atlantair meets the growing demand for an SCBA capability from specialist and paramilitary forces, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) units, as well as naval and air force firefighting units. The Atlantair offers a broad capability in respiratory protection, giving users exceptional operational flexibility when dealing with extreme CBRN.
Rescue Pack

Provides a multiport manifold for use as a rescue system for individuals not wearing a SCBA


Provides a RIC rescue hose in 3, 6 or 10 ft lengths for use in the rescue of a downed firefighter

T E A M S Accountability systems such as TEAMS are fast becoming a standard among many fire departments as they recognize the vital role these systems play in firefighter safety.