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Established in 1972 as specialist in casting for machinery parts. Our professional foundries produced iron and steel casting, and in 1974, expanded to non-metal casting, including bronze, brass, aluminum and alloy. In 1989, the division for fire fighting equipment was established to supply various markets and projects globally.

Protek Manufacturing Corp. has become a leader in providing high performance fire fighting equipment. Since 1972, Protek has adhered to three operating principles of delivering high-quality products, creating value for our customers and providing exceptional service.

1-1/2" Selectable Gallonage Nozzle with Pistol Grip
1-1/2" Multi-Mode Nozzle
Shipboard Selectable Gallonage Nozzle
Constant Gallonage Nozzles
Selectable Gallonage Nozzles
Shockless Nozzles
Monitor Shown with Style 109 Stream Shaper and Style 121 Quad Stacked
Twin-Inlet Dual-Purpose Portable Ground Monitor